An exciting delivery of sand!

Although we love playing in the Reception sandpit it has been looking a little bare recently! Today we started helping Mr Carter move the …8 TONS of sand into the pit. We didn’t even manage to move half a bag and we had already moved 7 wheelbarrows full. Havyar was great at smoothing the sand out in the barrow to fit in as much sand as possible! Lots of children were keen to help us load the barrow with sand!

String painting

We loved experimenting with string painting this afternoon using our colour palette of yellow, red and orange. It was so messy and we loved getting our hands all paint-covered. We carefully laid the strings on our paper and then used another piece of paper to print the relief!

Making friends and helping others

When we join school in Reception the first thing we need to establish is our prime areas which includes our social skills and making friends. As you can see… RTH are so good at this! We’re such a friendly bunch. We all love playing together and we’re very flexible about the areas! We are really good at resolving conflicts and most of the time we really do get on so well!

Weighing, comparing and measuring

It’s been a busy week of Maths in Reception this week. We’ve really enjoyed applying our Maths input to all sorts of practical activities both indoors and outdoors. We’ve been measuring longer and shorter, taller and shorter, heavier and lighter and all manner of capacity measurements!