Collage butterfly life cycles!

As we watch our baby caterpillars grow and grow we were invited to make some of our own emerging butterflies through their whole life cycle using our collage skills from Spring term! I was a little bit worried that we might find all the steps quite tricky but the children were amazing at applying their knowledge and working through the process step by step! They were so motivated and many children spent up to 50 minutes with me completely absorbed this afternoon! I’m sure you’ll agree they’ve done a terrific job!

Life cycles

We’ve been exploring Life Cycles over the past 2 weeks. Last week we covered the life cycle of a frog and this week it was the turn of the butterfly! We spent some time discussing our thoughts on Explorify before reading the story ‘From Caterpillar to Butterfly’ our drawing of lifecycles today tied in perfectly with the arrival of some little black creatures in the classroom…they’re very wriggly right now but we think we know what they might grow into!

Numbers 10-20

We’ve started looking at those numbers beyond 10 this week in our cardinality and counting strand. The children are really getting the hang of that repeating pattern and the addition of the 10 each time.

Superheroes abound!

An invitation to make superhero masks attracted only a few customers earlier in the week which was absolutely fine because as soon as they were dry and being worn the doors were being battered down with enthusiasm for this activity! We had so much perseverance with our fine motor skills and cutting the felt. Carrie and I had a long conversation about ‘rich’ colours and this not meaning ‘they have lots of money and a nice house!’ There was so much discussion about our design choices and on the stage later lots of superheroes were showcasing their powers!

How to Catch a Star – space invitations

We’ve been talking lots about blasting into space with some of the evocative imagery from How To Catch a Star this week. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to refresh the sensory tray and build some rockets in the construction area! We read Astro Girl first thing this morning and children were bursting with things to share about planets, rockets, astronauts and aliens!

Jonathan talking Mrs Ebrahimi through his launchpad and capsule for returning to Earth!

Textiles Area

A shift in the Art area this half term brought in a Textiles area as additional to the existing offer! Initially it was just the girls who joined us for this but since the arrival of the superhero capes we’ve had lots more interest from everybody!

Niya’s beautiful party skirt!

Observing the seasons and animal care!

We love being outside in Reception and we’ve been so busy recently planting, deadheading and watering despite the chilly weather! Every week the children help me to clean out the guinea pigs and they’re now so good at this that they can do it by themselves! We have picture instructions which help us remember what to do! We’ve planted potatoes, mint and strawberries at the classroom door and other herbs around the outdoor area! We can’t wait for everything to pop up now the tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are passed. Lots of the insects have been very busy too and in the last week we’ve encountered spiders and their webs, caterpillars, bumble bees and worms!

Easter excitement in Reception!

We’ve been chatting all about Easter this week in Reception – we’ve had so many questions to ask the Easter bunny who left us a post box! A visit to church and a visit from Reverend Lottie in our own classroom brought the Easter story to life for us. We made some Easter nests, reminding ourselves about instructions and using our cooking skills.